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By now you’ve already heard, “If you think one is hard, just wait until you have two,” or “Double the kids is double the work.” These are the same well-meaning people who told you during your first pregnancy, “Boy, is your life going to change when you have a baby!” (As if you didn’t know adding another human being to your family would change things?!)
Two sisters, Kimberly Crabb & April Paine, see the addition of the second child a little differently than your nosy neighbor: Your new arrival is nothing less than an adventure! Come along with them as they share all of the helpful advice gathered during their own parenting journeys.
They’ve been there. Both sisters are mothers of two children each and happen to be 17 months apart too. Kimberly says, “We’re not experts--and neither was our mother-- but we’ve been in the trenches and have plenty of friends who have been, too.”
The book includes advice from real moms with a variety of tips for making a smooth transition from one to two.
April adds, “While we can’t change the diapers for you or clean up the baby powder that your first born decided to sprinkle across the living room floor, we can offer support--and the best tips from moms who’ve seen it all before.”
Helpful Topics Included:
• Prepare your older child for the leap from "only child" to "big sibling"
• Ease the jealousy
• Make Dad a shining star
• Conquer sleep issues
• Achieve balance (Be a first rate mom without putting yourself last!)
• Stay organized
• Get over the GUILT (Stop worrying and start enjoying your children!)
So now is your chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do: ignore the unhelpful advice from the lady on the street ?and make a mental note never to say the same thing to another mom-to-be!
Pick up your copy of “ABCs of Baby #2” from any e-book retailer including i-book, Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader.

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